Who is it? It's me

"It"- a little word that can cause big problems for the Spanish.

Many of you start your comment:

Hi Graham! I'm + "your name".

This would be fine if we had never met:

A: Hello. My name is Graham.
B: Hi Graham. I'm José.
A: Nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you.

But in situations where you don't see the person who is speaking and you know the person already eg on the phone, buzzing to get into a flat or saying hello on the blog; we use it:

Buzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzz
A: Who is it? (¿Quién es?)
B: It's me - Graham (Soy yo)
A: Oh, hi Graham. Come on in.

So next time when you write a comment, use "it":

Hi Graham! It's + "your name".

Students, of all levels, often omit "it" in sentences:

A: Is Tuesday?     B: No, is Wednesday.

A: Is it Tuesday?     B: No, it's Wednesday.

Be careful after verbs like "think":

A: What's Madrid like?      B: I think is a fun city to live in.

A: What's Madrid like?      B: I think it is a fun city to live in.

And be careful after "because":

I love my neighbourhood because is quiet.

I love my neighbourhood because it is quiet.

Students often repeat the subject:

His car it's very expensive.

It's very expensive his car.

I know a vegetarian restaurant that it's quite good.

A: What do you think of that restaurant?        B: I think (that) it's quite good.


Montse said…
Graham, it is Montse.
I agree with you. It is a usual mistake among Spanish students and I have to admit that I am one of them.

See you on Tuesday.
Laura Grande said…
Hy Graham,
It´s Laura.
And, when do you say "this is Graham"? In the same situation?Cause I have Heard it sometimes.
luciti said…
Hi Graham!

thanks for your comments.... I hope
to remember this good advice, It's commonn to forget the pronoun "it"

Graham said…
Montse, Laura and Luciti,

Nobody omits I, you, he, she, we or they. Many people probably don't hear the difference between "it's" and "is"; so that doesn't help.

I'm sure you will make this mistake less from now on.


When you introduce yourself. you say I'm...

When you introduce another person, you say This is...

Anonymous said…
Hi Graham, It´s Rocío.
I have learnt this the last year but I have read it again.

Graham said…
Hi Rocio,

There's no harm in reading things twice.

It's such a common mistake.

Ana made it in her Whatsapp comment - that's why I provided the link.
Anonymous said…
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Graham said…
Hi Ana,

I can't find the bit of paper that you gave me. I'll try to find it.

The address to watch series is serious. ... an invitation. I think it is interesting because you can see the series in English with or without subtitles.