Hug your pet or partner?

Pet poll reveals owners' devotion

Many UK pet owners prefer to hug their animals (1) than a close relative when feeling low, a poll for a social networking website suggests.

Half of the 1,124 people quizzed for My Social Petwork said they acted in (2) a way and a third said they spend (3) to 30 days a year caring for their pets.

One in five has cancelled social plans to be with their pet, March's survey conducted by OpinionMatters found.

The website described (4) survey as the "UK's first pet census".

The survey suggested that one in five pet owners regularly uses social networking sites Facebook or Twitter to share pet images, and 10% of people have taken their pet to occasions such as christenings or weddings.

'Healthy and happy'

About 7% of owners have cancelled a date and 4% have called in sick to work (5) of their pets, the survey said.

A quarter of UK pet owners said their pet was (6) like a child to them than a pet, while 15% said their pet was someone that they confided in with their problems.

TV vet Emma Milne said: "(7) a vet and animal welfare spokesperson it is extremely heartening to see the lengths that people go to ensuring that our pets (8) well cared for and looked after.

"Everyone must be aware of the responsibility they are (9) on when they choose to own any pet - whether that be a dog, cat, guinea pig or fish - and the results of the census shows that the majority of pet owners in the UK are doing a fantastic job in providing their pet a healthy and happy life (10) putting their pets first."

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Sandra said…
Done. Awful :( I had 6 mistakes!!!!!
Graham said…
Oh don't be so hard on yourself, Sandra.

I reckon it is more difficult than the FCE equivalent.

As long as you understand the answers. That is the main thing.