Fleeing the country?

The Spanish Monarchy is making headlines yet (1). The King’s son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin announced his plans to move to Qatar — while he is still facing corruption charges in Spain.

Last week, Urdangarin’s wife, princess Cristina, prompted international headlines after she was named a suspect in the Noos Institute corruption case — in (2) her husband is involved. (Via The New York Times)

“The former olympic handball player who holds the title of Duke of Palma, is accused (3) diverting millions of euros of public money meant for the non-profit organisation he controlled to private offshore accounts.” (Via Euronews)

Bloomberg reports, Urdangarin was offered a job working alongside Spanish handball coach Valero Rivera training Qatar’s national handball team.

Rivera trained Urdangarin (4) 14 years when he was still a player on Barcelona’s handball team and also in the Spanish selection before he became Duke of Palma when he married Princess Cristina. (Via RTVE)

Urdangarin’s organization, the Noos Institute, arranged sporting and tourism events through which they allegedly embezzled $8 million euros — mostly from government contracts.

(5) to TIME, the judge in charge of the case, Jose Castro, did not initially accuse Princess Cristina (6) to a lack of evidence; but recent emails provided to the court by the Duke’s business partner have brought her into the case as (7).

(5) to The Guardian, the Princess is accused (3) using her position of power (8) help her husband’s business facilitate the acquisition of public contracts. Urdangarin has denied his wife had any involvement in the institute’s activities.

This is the first time (9) democracy was restored in Spain that a member of the royal family has faced judicial charges. (10) the long tradition of the Spanish Monarchy, and the role played by King Juan Carlos I in Spanish politics, a royal corruption scandal in the midst of the country’s severe economic crisis is very serious.

A recent survey of Spanish citizens reveal the king is less popular than ever. Anti-monarchist sentiment has increased, especially (11) Spanish youth, of which 55% are unemployed. Most of that generation is (12) young to remember the King’s role during the political transition of the 1970s. (via The Independent)

The case prosecutor has requested Urdangarin’s passport be withdrawn but the final decision rests with the judge. If Duke of Palma does leave the country, the princess and their children would join him after the end of the school year.

This is especially for FCE students but anyone can try to fill in the gaps with one word.


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham,

I've read it

See you
Graham said…
OK Hilde. Now I hope you and all your classmates get round to doing the open cloze exercise.

Post your answers here.
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham,
My answers: yet AGAIN; THAT her husband; BY diverting; FOR 14 years; ACCORDING to time; 6 ?; case as WELL; ACCORDING to The Guardian; BY using; TO help; SINCE Democracy; DESPITE the long tradition; AMONG spanish youthh; TOO young

See you
Graham said…
Hi Hilde,

Did you guess the words (like Part 2 UofE) before listening?

2. in WHICH her husband...

3. accused OF diverting / using ...

6. DUE to = because of

If you did it without listening, you did very well.

Anonymous said…
Hi Graham, I'm Inés.
1. again
2. which
3. of
4. for
5. according
6. due to
7. well
8. to
9. since
10. despite
11. among
12. too
First of all I read the text and I filled some gaps, then I listened to it, I understood almost everything, but they speak very quickly.

See you
Graham said…
100% - well done, Inés!