FCE Speaking (Part 1)

In Part 1 the examiner will ask you questions about yourself such as where you come from, your  studies, your job, your interests, your family and future plans.

This part only lasts around 3 minutes. (90 seconds per student!)

There are no complicated questions.

Example questions:

Where are you from? / Are you from Madrid?

What do you like about living in Madrid?

Can you tell me something about where you live?

What do you do? / Do you have a job or do you study?

What would you like to do when you finish university?

Tell me about what you do in your spare time.

What do you usually do at weekends?

What did you do last weekend?

Do you have any plans for the summer?

Where are you going for your next holiday?

Tell me something about your family.

Do you have a big family?

How long have you been learning English?

Why are you doing the FCE exam?


Never give one word / sentence answers like: yes, no, maybe, sometimes, I think so...

Examiner: Have you got any plans for the summer?

Student: I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. Some friends of mine are going to the USA. I'd like to go with them but I don't know if I can afford it.

Examiner: Do you like living in Madrid?

Student: I love living here although it can be stressful at times. It's a fun city. There are so many things to do that you never get bored.

Don't try to give overly-complicated answers. You should feel confident with the language that you use.

Don't start talking about things unrelated to the question.

Practice for this but don't learn answers off by heart.

Try to relax and react naturally.

Listen to your partner's answers. You can comment on them.

Think of some questions that you could be asked.  How would you answer them? Can you think of more than one way that you could answer the same question?


Anonymous said…
Hello Graham, I read it, thanks! How are you? I hope you are better and resting,today is the speaking part :S , Bárbara.
Graham said…
Hi Bárbara,

Nice to hear from you.

I hope that the Speaking went well.

Only one more week until the rest of the exam.

Do lots of Use of English practice and study the useful expressions for the Writing.

Good luck!

Anonymous said…
Hi Graham, i am Santi, please remind us this post when we have to do the speaking exam. A good article of interest
Hi! Graham, I'm Ana.

Thanks for your tips, I have read them and I'll try to use them in the speaking part.

Graham said…
Hi Ana and Santi,

You should say:

Hi! It's Ana. It's Santi. It's + name You'd say I'm + name when you are introducing yourself.

You are right Santi. I don't want you to be obsessed with the exam just yet.

Remind sb about stg = don't let me forget.

See you tomorrow.