Driving / Cars Vocab (Part 2)

It's a "puente" for some this weekend and many people will be driving somewhere.

I wonder how many times I've been asked how to say "puente" in English.

un día festivo = a holiday

If the holiday lands on a Friday or a Monday, then we can say it's a "long weekend".

If, like now, the holiday is on a Thursday, we can take Friday off. Otherwise, it's a normal, working day.

So really "puente" doesn't exist in English - we just "have a day off".

Here is A - M (Part 2). You can also refresh your memory by reading Part 1.

to accelerate -

the accelerator -

an accident -

an airbag -

the back seat -

a back seat driver -

a bicycle lane -

the bonnet -

the boot -

to brake -

the brakes -

to break down -

the bumper -

a car park -

the clutch -

a dent -

double parked -

the engine -

the fast lane -

to fill up (the car) -

a flat tyre -

gas (US) -

the gears -

gridlock -

the hard shoulder -

headlights -

a highway -

(to peep) the horn -

the indicator -

a (car) journey -

a lane -

a (driving) licence -

a lorry -

a motorway -

Have I missed anything out?

Did you go away this weekend?

What was the journey like?