Christmas Vocabulary (Part 1)

a bauble -

bells -

Boxing Day -

a candle -

a chimney -

(Christmas) cards -

(Christmas) carols -

Christmas cake -

Christmas Day -

Christmas Eve -

a Christmas hamper -

Christmas lights -

Christmas pudding

a Christmas tree -

a cracker -

a crib -

decorations -

a donkey -

elves -

Epiphany -

Father Christmas -

a fireplace -

fireworks -


gold -

goodwill -

Hogmanay -

holly -

jolly -

a manger -

Merry Christmas -

Midnight Mass -

mistletoe -

myrrh -


Montse said…
Hi, Graham.
This is not my favourite season in the year. I'd like to go on travelling or something like that instead of attending all those family meetings. Nevertheless, yesterday I set the Christmas tree while I was listening Christmas carols. My family like this season so, what can I do?
I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy holidays at home. Have a good time in Hogmanay and good luck with your flights!
I'll see you next year.
Graham said…
Hi Montse!

Greetings from the Scottish Highlands.

It's great to be home again.

I'm not a fan of Xmas either but we'll just have to grin and bear it.

I hope you enjoy the holidays and send you best wishes for the New Year.