Torture returns to TVE

Live bullfights return to Spanish TV after six-year ban

Spain's public TV will broadcast a live bullfight for the first time in six years after conservative PM Mariano Rajoy lifted a ban on the tradition.

The fight in the northern city of Valladolid will screen on Television Espanola (TVE) on Wednesday evening.

The previous socialist government cut live transmissions as they were costly and aired in children's viewing time.

live (adj) -
a ban -
to broadcast -
to lift (a ban) -
to screen -
to air -
on the rise -
to outlaw -
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to sweep to power -
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the odds stacked against -
to face -
a tough task -
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Do you think bullfighting should be televised?


Montse said…
Things like that make me feel as we were going back twenty years in time. I think people go out to the street not only due to the recession but because
they are cutting too many rights we had got.
How are things going, Graham? I am looking forward to starting English classes again, although I don't know wether I am going to be admited because they have cut those classes as well. So, who knows.
Anyway, I hope that we can meet some day at the MOJ.
Graham said…
Hi Montse!

You still don't know if you are having English classes?! But they start next week.

It seems I'll be doing Mon / Wed morning (I'm not looking forward to getting up early) but I don't know what level I'll have. I should find out later today.

Let's meet up for a coffee one day. I'll need lots of coffees to cope with the early starts. lol