Demonstration on streets of Madrid

Spain and Portugal see big anti-austerity rallies 

Tens of thousands of people have rallied in Spain and Portugal in protest at spending cuts and tax rises in the debt-hit countries.
In Madrid, public sector workers from all over Spain blocked the capital's Plaza de Colon square and nearby roads.
Protests were held in Lisbon and across Portugal, with one person reportedly attempting to set himself on fire.

The Spanish and Portuguese governments say the austerity measures will lead to economic recovery.
 a/to rally -

spending cuts -

debt-hit (adj) -

nearby (adj) -

to set stg on fire -

to lead to -

to ferry -

a crowd -

to chant -

to blow (blew, blown) -

a whistle -

to wave -

a banner -

to sink (sank, sunk) -

to quote -

to shrink (shrank, shrunk) -

a measure -

to lay the foundations -

wage(s) -

a loan -

to be set to -

a scuffle -

to set stg alight -

a tax rise -

to raise taxes -

a budget -

a bailout -

 a deal -

a review -

the last straw -

sharply (adv) -

Have you ever been on a demonstration?
Do you think demonstrations can make a difference?


lucia said…
Hi Graham,
How are you?
I am begining my english duties!
I am practicing with your interesting articles. I have read this article and the article : "How Spain's regions got into trouble", both are very interesting but too much realist and sad.

I hope you forgive my mistakes.

I also wish you will be my teacher next course.

ah! I went to last rally in MAdrid, and I think is very important go out to street for removing the goverment... I don't know if our President "Espe" has gave up her position by this cause.

Bye. Lucía
Graham said…
Hi Lucía!

What was the name I used to give you? I've forgotten.

Anyway, it's good to hear from you. I've been neglecting the blog lately so it was a nice surprise to read your comment. How are things? Did you have a good summer?

I will be back to MOJ, probably Mon / Wed. If there is one thing worse than a Tuesday morning class, it's a Monday morning one.

I hope I'll have as nice a class as last year and that there'll be students as eager as you.

I am beginning my English duties!

... both are very interesting but too realistic and sad.
- too + adjectives, too much/many + (adjectives) nouns

- a realist (n), realistic (adj)

I hope you (can) forgive my mistakes.

I also hope you will be my teacher for the next course.

ah! I went to (1)the latest rally in Madrid, and I think it is very (2)important to go out to the street (3)to remove the goverment... I don't know if our President "Espe" has given up her position for this reason.

(1) late v latest
(2) adjective + to + verb
(3) Infinitive of purpose

I agree with you up to a point. It's important to express your anger with government policies or to fight for democracy, but we had elections here not even a year ago. This isn't one of those countries trying to remove a dictator and we aren't in the days of Franco. So demonstrate; yes, but you should have clear motives for doing so.

If I'm not your teacher, we can go one morning for a coffee.

See you soon!
luciti said…
hi Graham!

thank for your corrections.
I saw the sections of your blog that you recomended.

bye, Luciti.