Flying vocab (part 1)

an air hostess            
air traffic control
an aircraft
an airline 
an aisle seat
to approach (the runway) 

baggage / luggage
baggage allowance
a baggage handler  
baggage reclaim
to board 
a boarding pass 
a bumpy flight

checked luggage
the check-in desk
the cockpit
a connecting flight conexión
the (cabin) crew
to cruise 

the departure lounge
the departures board
the descent
to disembark
a domestic flight 
duty free 

the emergency exit
an emergency landing 
excess baggage
an excess baggage charge
to fasten (a seatbelt)
a final call
a flight attendant
to frisk

the gate

hand luggage

a jet bridge 
jet lag

to land
the landing 
a life-vest
a long-haul flight