Twitter and freedom of speech

Bullfighting groups cry foul over Twitter abuse

Spain's major bullfighting organizations have called on authorities to take action against people making "despicable" comments on Twitter about a bullfight on Tuesday which was cancelled after all three bullfighters were injured.


Five groups made a joint statement declaring their "complete repulsion" towards what they described as "unspeakable" comments made on the social media network after Madrid's San Isidro bullfighting festival was cancelled.

They claimed that the comments incited hatred towards both the injured bullfighters "who shed their blood in the arena of Las Ventas" and bullfighting in general, which they described as "fully recognized" as a legal activity of "ethical and cultural value".

to cry foul -
to injure / an injury -
to make a statement -
joint (adj) -
to claim
hatred (n) -
to shed (blood, tears) -

a coward / cowardly -

to strive towards stg -

to put an end to stg -

to go one step further -

to call on sb to do stg -

to step on sb -

to mock -

evil (adj) -

sympathetic -

to gore -

to deserve -

ashamed -

to crack down on stg / a crackdown -

in broad daylight -

to praise -

to arrest -

to be on the decline -

a bullring -

to ban -


Spain's royals unveil 'polite' Twitter account

Spain's royal family launched their new Twitter account on Tuesday and are already asking users to be "correct" and "well-mannered" when leaving comments.

The royal Twitter account with the handle @casareal went live shortly after 12pm on Wednesday, containing a greeting in Spain's four official languages — Castellano, Catalan, Basque and Galcian — and English.

The aim of the account is to "inform users" about the day-to-day activities of the royal family, the palace said in a statement.

Source: The Local

Vocabulary -

a handle -

to go live -

an aim -

day-to-day (adj) -

a statement -

innermost thoughts -

to be in for stg -

a let-down -

to mind your manners -

to troll -

to spam -

to be out of bounds -

long-running -

to unveil stg -

to plummet -

a poll -