Russian bear v bearded lady

Eurovision's 'bearded lady' winner divides Russia

In his spare time, Communist MP Valery Rashkin likes climbing mountains. Back in the USSR he was a champion alpinist.

Today, though, Mr Rashkin faces an uphill battle of a different kind: to liberate Russia from the Eurovision Song Contest.

"I watched the results of last Saturday's Eurovision with deep pain," Valery tells me. "Giving first place to a bearded lady is a slight on humanity and suicide!"

The bearded lady in question is Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst. At the Eurovision final in Copenhagen, Conchita triumphed with 'Rise Like a Phoenix'.


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to face (a problem) -

an uphill battle -

a slight -

to sink (sank, sunk) -

to sink like a lead balloon -

decay (n) -

to rant -

to rot away -

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Roberto said…
Ja,ja...I think Eurovision it´s like a joke,but some people take it very seriously!.A bearded drag queen was the winner?.OK!.Why not?.And her/his name is Conchita Wurst("wurst" it means "sausage" in german).
Graham said…

I thought that you had read the post about it.

Read it again. :-)

I think Eurovision is like a joke,...
And her/his name is Conchita Wurst("wurst" means "sausage" in German).

I used to watch Eurovision as a child.

I think that then there was a chance that the winning song would be in the charts.

Nowadays nobody remembers the songs.

Roberto said…
I try to do my best,but so many years of mistakes...It´s difficult to me!.I´m going to read it again...
Graham said…

It's difficult for you and for everyone.

There will always be mistakes that you repeat.

In my opinion, you are making good, solid progress.
Roberto said…
Thank you!."For" and "to",another classic mistake...