Kisses on the pitch

Footballers' kiss captures world attention

Two footballers from Spanish club Sevilla caused a stir on Wednesday when they shared a "passionate" kiss during celebrations to mark their club's victory in the Europa League final.

Among all the excitement following Sevilla's victory over Portuguese club Benfica on Wednesday, one gesture has come in for special attention.
While the club's players celebrated their win on penalties in Turin, midfielders Ivan Rakitic and Daniel Carrico leaned in to each other to share a kiss.   
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Anonymous said…
Hi Graham,
I,ve just watched the vídeo. It's not a passionate kiss. But the problem is the context. In my opinion, football world is sexist. It's a pity, but I'm sure when these players will play other match they will restrain sexist insults of the spectators.
Graham said…
Hi Hilde,

Don't you mean the football world is homophobic?

It's strange because there are many footballers who have a metrosexual image (hair removal, body creams, shaping eyebrows, make up and so on).

I think football should throw out any spectators who chant racist or homophobic insults.

It's a pity but I'm sure when these players will play *another match they will get sexist insults from the spectators.

*Read the post about another/other:

Restrain = contenerse.