Zero comments 2013

Remember that you don't have to do just the recent posts. You can use the Labels and the Archive (look down the left hand side of the blog) to find previous posts.

Remember that if you read a post, I'd  really appreciate a "I've read it" comment. Otherwise, I will never know if  anyone has read the post.

Here is a list of posts with zero comments from 2013 (and there are others from previous years):

Even creating this post took a lot of time. Imagine how I feel when I see zero comments. So please don't let me feel that I have been wasting my time.


Montse said…
Hi, Graham.

I have done two post from the list, so far. I hope I can do a few of them next days.

See you tomorrow!
Graham said…
Thanks Montse,

I can't stand it when I create a post and nobody writes a comment.

I have done two posts from the list so far. I hope I can do a few more of them over the coming days / over the next few days.