Crime and Punishment Crossword

You can click on the key symbol to get the answers.

If you do the crossword, write me a short comment. Did you get them all?


Anonymous said…
Hello! I completed almost all.

Montse said…
Hi, Graham.

I did the crossword.

See you tomorrow!
Roberto said…
I found almost all the answers,but I don´t know what the ACROSS Nº17 is... (Assault it doesn´t fit).
Graham said…

Do the other crossword. It will be easier for you.
Graham said…
Montse and Roberto,

You can see the answers if you click on the key symbol above the crossword.


"assault" is to attack somebody but if you "- - -" somebody you attack and rob them.

Vanessa said…
Hi Graham!

I did this exercise, I have learned many legal words. But it`s been difficult, I need to look for in the dictionary
Graham said…
Hi Vanessa,

Hopefully you will be able to remember a few of these words. It's not a failure if you have to look up words in a dictionary.