Poll (5)

Which of the following is a job?
  • a flight assistant (50%)
  • a cooker (30%)
  • a scientific (20%)
  • a political (0%)
  • a librarian (0%)
Nobody got the answer right.

The answer is a librarian. They work in a library - the place where you borrow books.

A flight attendant serves you drinks on a plane. Along with the pilots, they form part of the cabin crew. Someone who serves you in a shop is a shop assistant.

A cook works in the kitchen of a restaurant. The cooker is the gas or electrical appliance used for cooking.

A scientist does experiments and carries out scientific research. Scientific is an adjective.

A politican is involved in politics. Political is an adjective eg a political decision.

Which sentence requires a different verb?

I am missing you so much. I wish you were here. (33%)

I've lost my keys. Have you seen them anywhere? (44%)

If we don't hurry up, we'll miss our flight. (11%)

The chemist's is on the left. You can't miss it. (11%)

People often confuse miss and lose.

If you lose something, you don't know where it is and start to look for it. People often lose things like keys, lighters and umbrellas. Train stations and airports usually have a lost property department.

If you miss a person, they aren't with you but you wish they were. If you miss a flight, you are late and you don't catch it. If you miss an episode of a TV programme, you don't see it. If someone says you can't miss something, it is easy to see.

Which is the odd-one out?

a European country (0%)

a university (40%)

an honest man (60%)

a hotel (0%)

Ok, that was a really tricky one. The "h" in honest isn't pronounced so we use "an".  We don't use "an" with "Europe" or "university" because of the /juː/ sound.

Which of the following sentence(s) is / are right?

A. He went to work even though he felt unwell.  (87%)

B. I had been up since 6am and yet I wasn't tired.  (12%)

C. I'd earn more but in the other hand I'd have to work weekends.  (25%)

D. He enjoyed the lessons despite of being older than his classmates.   (75%)

Only A and B are right.

C should read: I'd earn more but on the other hand I'd have to work weekends.

D should read: He enjoyed the lessons in spite of / despite being older than his classmates.

Maybe you should revise linking words for contrasts.

Which sentence isn't correct?

A. I didn't do anthing special last weekend.  (0%)

B. I want to make a party for my birthday. (55%)

C. Have you done the report yet?   (22%)

D. You should try to make an effort.   (22%)

B isn't correct.

It should read: I want to have / throw a party for my birthday.

Maybe you need to revise the expressions we use with do and make.