Poll (4)

Which sentence(s) is / are correct?

1. A:  Is he coming?    B: I think no. 62%      I don't think so.

2. A: Are you ready?   B: I hope yes.   0%   I hope so.

3. A: Have you finished?   B: I suppose so.  100%

4. A: Did they win?    B:  I'm afraid not.   37%

So only 3 and 4 were correct.

I think so.                   I don't think so.

I suppose so.              I suppose not.

I guess so.                  I guess not.

I hope so.                   I hope not.

I'm afraid so.              I'm afraid not.

Which phrasal verb uses a different preposition?

1. There are rumours in the press that the princess and her husband have split up.      12%

2. The factory is closing down with the loss of  50 jobs.   50%

3. He has a degree in law but he ended up working at his father in law's store.    25%

4.  I wish he'd speak up. I can hardly hear him.    12%

split up = break up = separate

close down = stop operating

end up = finally be in a particlar place or situation

speak up = speak louder so people can hear you

Which sentence is correct?

1. I wanted to make a complaint so I asked to speak to the responsible the manager / the person in charge.     37%

2. You can be quiet relax now that the exams are over.     25%

3.  I'm not sure whether we should stay in that hotel because the critics reviews aren't good.      12 %

4. I pretended I was listening but I was actually thinking about my problems at work.      25%

el responsable = the person in charge / the manager

responsible is only an adjective in English. Eg. He is responsible for in-company training

estar quieto = still (not moving), relax / stay calm

quiet (adj) = not noisy = tranquilo

criticas = reviews (films, books, restaurants etc)

a critic =  a person who writes a review

to pretend = fingir

pretender =  expect, hope, try (depending on context)

actualmente =

  • now
  • currently (formal)
  • at present (formal)
  • nowadays (comparing past to present)

Which word doesn't have the same sound as the others?

1. complain    12%

2.  foreign    12%

3. cousin      50%

4. certain      25%





Well, it seems they are all slightly different but the one that is completely different from the rest is

Complain and certain end in -ain but have completely different sounds.

 Train, rain, restrain, gain, lane, and feign all rhyme with complain

Mountain, fountain, bargain and cardigan all have similar sounds to certain, cousin and foreign.

Compare all the sounds in Howjsay.

What is your favourite animal idiom?

1. Forget about him. There are plenty more fish in the sea.     25%

2. The boss is like a bear with a sore head this morning.       37%

3. I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag.    12%

4. I got it straight from the horse's mouth.      25%

1.  Said to someone who has broken up with their partner to remind them that there are other people  who they can have a relationship with.

2. Describes someone who is in a bad mood and so treats others around them badly.

3.  To reveal a secret unintentionally.

4.  You heard news from the person who has direct personal knowledge of it.