Pasapalabra - advanced

What A does a plan go when it goes badly?

What B describes memories that are both good and bad?

What C is a phrasal verb which we use for someone who is approaching retirement?

What D is the opposite of "look forward to stg" or you feel sick at the thought of doing something?

What E means that you have become involved in a difficult situation?

What F do you use to say that you like somebody or something in a special way?

What G describes a book or a film that is thrilling?

What H is a verb that you use with "a situation" similar to "cope with" or "manage"?

What I describes someone who feels extremely uncomfortable with a particular situation?

What J is a phrasal verb which means that you make notes?

Contains a K. What do you say when you try to discourage someone from giving up?  - .... with it.

Contains L. What adjective is used to say it is uncomfortably hot?

What M is a phrasal verb which means that you plan something in detail?

Contains an N. What self-.... do you show when you stop yourself from doing something?

What O is a synonym of "chances" as in what are the chances of something happening?

What P should you avoid it like, if you shouldn't go anywhere near it?

No Q so what D goes with run to mean that you try something before doing it for real?

What R do you use after "heart" to describe a story that cause s great sympathy and sadness?

What S do you add to life when you do something exciting and out of the ordinary?

What T is a child of two or three years old?

What U describes something (such as an ability) that is impossible to explain?

Contains V. What is your memory like if you are extremely forgetful?

W. What side are you on if you are more than forty?

No X so what C means that you are protected from an unpleasant situation?

Ends in Y. What adverb is a synonym of approximately?

No Z so what S do you do when you mix cards?