News from Spain

Why not start reading news about Spain in English?

If you know the story already, it will be much easier to understand the article.

Here are some links that you might find interesting:

Two British newspapers have pages for news from Spain:


Rodrigo said…
Hi Graham.

I've read the article of The Telegraph about the Scottish independence and Rajoy's opinions.

It's quite interesting.

Laura Grande said…
Hy Graham, I read "The Local" headlines my imagination or the news about our country are writing in a bit pejorative way?
Graham said…

I think Rajoy should mind his own business.
Graham said…

I think it's your imagination though for sure, there will be things that you don't agree with.

is it my imagination or the news about our country is written in a pejorative way?
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham,
It's really fun to read that here we also have one Maggie Thatcher.
This is an interesting question to speak.
Graham said…
Hi Toñi,

I wonder if they ever met...

It's really funnny to read that we also have a Maggie Thatcher here.
This is an interesting subject to speak about.