Pick up your dog's poo

Spanish town posts dog mess back to offending hound owners

A Spanish town has come up with an ingenious way to keep its streets clean of dog mess – by sending the offending deposits back to the owners in an official box marked 'Lost Property'.

The council of Brunete, a small town some 20 miles west of Madrid, launched the campaign to crack down on irresponsible dog owners.

During the course of a week a team of twenty volunteers patrolled the town's streets on the lookout for dog owners who failed to scoop. They then approached the guilty owner and struck up a casual conversation to discover the name of the dog.


dog mess -

offending (adj) -

a hound -

to come up with (a way, an idea, a plan...) -

a council -

to crack down on stg -

on the lookout for stg/sb -

to fail to do stg -

to scoop -

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What do you think should be done to resolve the problem of dog mess on our streets?


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!!!
How are you? I hope you are better.
I`ve read the article, and I saw it on the TV . I think it`s a good idea, very useful.

See you!!!
Graham said…
Hi Hilde!

It was so tough to go back to work yesterday but I made it.

I agree that it's a good idea but by now everyone knows about it, and they won't reveal the name of their dog to anyone.

Irresponsible dog owners get on my nerves.

I think many let their dogs off their leads and pretend not to notice if their dog makes a mess.

I've also noticed that many pick up the mess but leave the bag at the side of the road.

I also find dog barking really annoying. I don't mind when it's occasional but in front of my house they leave their dogs outside the supermarket to bark continually.

Having said that, I wish I could have a dog but I think it's cruel to have one in a flat. A dog should have lots of exercise and be free to run around.

What do you think?

Anonymous said…
Hy Graham.
It´s Laura. I have a dog and I always pick up its mess. In my opinión the main problem is that dog owners leave their dog´s mess over the grass in a park or in some place where could be children playing. In addition to be disgusting, it´s an important healthy problem.
Graham said…
Hi Laura,

Apart from being a potential health risk, I just think it is unpleasant.

Too many people have a dog but don't accept the responsbilities that come with having one.

In my opinion the main problem is that dog owners leave their dog´s mess on the grass in a park or in some place where children could be playing. In addition to being disgusting, it´s an serious health problem.

Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!

It's Arianna.

The article is very interesting and it explains a very important problem with simple words and with a funny but at the same time serious approch. In my opionion this is an efficient way to explain people problematic situation and their solutions.

I think that the idea of the Hernani Council is a little bit exagerate but I love the Brutene one. Peolple become "scared" when they know that they could have to pay money or tax......
Good idea!!!!

See you tomorrow!! Bye!!!!!
Graham said…
Hi Arriana,

...serious approach. In my opinion, this is an efficient way to explain problematic solutions and their solutions to people / explain how people can solve problematic solutions.

I think that the idea of the Hernani Council is a little bit exaggerated / has gone too far, but I love the Brutene one. ...

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