Fantastic Mrs Fox

Here's the transcript of the video about the fox we watched in class today. What are the 5 missing words?

R = Reporter    V = Vet

R: Life jacket on and ready to go.

R: A (1) dose of doggy paddle is exactly what the doctor ordered for fox cub Basil after she was found dehydrated and (2), trapped in a crisp packet.

V: To be fair, when she came in, she was very, very poorly, she was extremely dehydrated and erm it was a case of make a decision: do we try for her or we kindly let her go? So we decided to give her a chance.

R: Swimming helps to (3) her broken hip but she's by no means being tamed.

V: Our (4) is not to make this a pet. It's to basically to get the little girl released and it sounds awful but she'll just have to take her chances Erm but the quicker we can get her back in the (5), then I think the less chance she's got of being humanised or relying too much on people or being too friendly with people.

R: And after all that exercise, a well-earned rest. The little cub who has become East Yorkshire's very own Fantastic Mrs Fox.      Siobhan Robbins, BBC Look North. Swanland.

Some of what the vet says is difficult to catch. He has some "erms" and his grammar and choice of words aren't always perfect. This shouldn't stop you from understanding the gist.
What animal stories have you heard about lately?


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!

It´s Nuria. I may be wrong, but I think I caught every missing words...

Here you have:

1) A DAILY dose of doggy paddel

2) Dehydrated and INJURED

3) To STRENGTHEN her broken hip

4) Our AIM (It´s difficult to understand him...)

5) Get her back in the WILD

OK, we will see. I´ve looked up a lot of words in the dictionary.

Anonymous said…
Hy! It´s Laura.
1. "daily"
2. I don´t understand the Word...she said something like "enged". But I have seen in Nuria´s post that the Word is "injured"
3. "Stregthen"
4. "aim"
5. "wild"
Erik said…
Hi Graham! It´s Erik.
I didn´t know how to write the 3th word so I needed to see it in the other comments (so much consonants in the middle of the word).

Good weekend!
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham, It´s Jose Luis

1. daily
2. injured
3. strengthen
4. aim
5. wild

To be honest, I haven´t understood the third word, but I have seen it in the others comments.
Saruca Be said…
HI Graham!
It's Sara. Today it'not so late....

The missing word, for mi, are:
1.- Daily
2.- Injured
3.- Stranded (or something similar. I just see the word of my classmates, but I understand something like this, despite I don't know the meaning....)
4.- Aim
5.- Wild

bye, bye. See you tomorrow
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!

It's Arianna

Yes, I know...It's so late.....!!! :-)

The missing words are:
1. Daily
2. Injured
3. ?????
4. Aim
5. Wild


Saruca Be said…
I would write "It's no so late"... My fingers are silly ...

Graham said…
Hi Barking Mad!

The missing words are as follows:

1. daily (adj = every day)
2. injured (adj)
3. strengthen (v = to make stronger)
4. aim (= objective)
5. wild

Did you look up the expressions in green?

What does "paddle" mean? It's not the sport that Sara plays.

strengthen /ˈstreŋ.θən/ - , so after /ŋ/ (like strong, we have a /θ/ (like Thursday).


"stranded" exists, but it means that you are unable to leave a place for some reason eg you are in a foreign country and unable to get a flight home.

You can always listen to the pronuncation of words on most on-line dictionaries.

If you want to compare words, I'd use You can compare up to 15 words.

And Sara,
Your fingers weren't so silly the first time. It's not so late.
Do you remember what a "typo" is?

Keep listening to as much English as possible outwith of class.