Hospital English


She was admitted suffering from shock.

pedir hora:

I'd like to make an appointment for Tues morning with Dr Rodriguez.

estar de baja:

I've been off sick for the last month / I've been on sick leave for the last month. ie I haven't been at work for the last month due to illness.

hacerse un análisis de sangre:

My doctor sent me to get a blood test to find out what is wrong.

que le tomen  la presión arterial:

She has high blood pressure. She needs to get her blood pressure taken every three months. (to get stg done)


The doctor suspected that I had appendicitis so he sent me to casualty / accident and emergency.

una revisión / un chequeo médico:

She needs to go every 6 months for a revision check-up.

las muletas:

He was on crutches for a week after spraining his ankle playing football.

dar el alta:

I was discharged from hospital. ie I was allowed to go home.

My doctor told me I was fit to go back to work.

un suero:

I could go for a walk around the hospital despite being attached to a drip.

en ayunas:

When you get a blood test, you have to go on an empty stomach.

un médico de familia:

If you are worried, you should go to your GP to get it checked.

seguro médico:

I prefer to have my own health insurance policy.

una bata:

I'd rather be wearing my own pyjamas than this awful hospital gown.

que le pongan una inyección:

I hate when I have to get an injection. I start shaking when I see a needle.

historia médica:

Your medical records should be strictly private.

hacer seguimento:

They needed to monitor my progress after the operation.

ser operado:

I'm going to be operated on /have an operation next week.

un quirófano / una sala de operaciones:

I was actually quite relaxed as they wheeled me into the operating theatre.

un analgésico / un calmante:

They gave her a painkiller to relieve the pain.

una receta:

If you want antibiotics, you will need a receipt a recipe a prescription.

un volante:

I needed the referral note to make my next appointment with the specialist.

una cicatriz:

He was left with a noticeable scar after the operation.


You shouldn't walk around in bare feet. Why don't you wear your slippers?


I have a sore back.

My back hurts.


When are you getting your stitches taken out?

una camilla:

The injured football player was taken away on a stretcher.

un cirujano:

The surgeon assured me that it would be a straightforward operation.

una sala (de un hospital) / un pabellón:

Which ward is he in? I'd like to go to visit him.

una silla de ruedas:

He was confined to a wheelchair after the car accident.

que te tomen una radiografía:

The doctor sent me to get an x-ray to make sure nothing was broken.

What experiences of hospitals do you have?


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!! I´m Celia. I read your post. It is very interesting.

See you later!!
Graham said…
Hi Celia!

I created this post after going into hospital to get my appendix out.