A very ugly break up

Man with 'face that makes children cry' splits from woman he met on website for the aesthetically challenged

The self-confessed 'ugly' couple who got engaged through Britain's first dating agency for the 'aesthetically challenged' have split up.

Source: Daily Mail

Do you know any couples who met over the internet?

Do ugly people only marry other uglies?

If you had to choose, would you marry an ugly exterior/beautiful interior?


c________ (n) - the years when you aren't an adult

to p__ sth ___ - to postpone sth doing sth

to s___ - to notice sth or sb

w________ (adj) - describes events such as tours and romances which happen very fast

to get c___ f___ - to suddenly get scared of sth important that you had planned to do

h___-____-_____ in love - to be very much in love

e___ (adj) - nervous or worried abt sth

b_____ is in the eye of the b_______ (saying) - this means that not everyone has the same opinion about what is attractive

to p___ sb over the e___ (inf) - when a situation becomes too much for sb and it makes them go crazy

a carpet f_____ - someone whose job it is to cut and install carpets

let's f___ it - said before saying sth that is unpleasant but true

to be __ __ sb - it is their decision or responsibility

to h__ the h________ - to suddenly get a lot of attention in the news

to s____ (up) - when a relationship ends / s____ (past, past part)

j___ f___ - anything that you eat that is quick and easy but unhealthy

Grammar point:

"Mr Clifford, who has been single since 1998..."

Mr. Clifford's previous relationship finished in 1998. He is still single now. So the action began in the past and continues now.

He is single since 1998. WRONG


present perfect (have + past participle) + since + date/when the action started

A: How long have you worked here? B: since 2001

He's been interested in tennis since he was at school.

I've only had one day off since last October.

Her English has improved since going to live in Edinburgh / since she went to live  in Edinburgh.

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