Do controversial ads work?

Tunisia defends 'provocative adverts' to woo tourists

Tunisia has defended a controversial advertising campaign to attract tourists who deserted the country after its revolution in January.

It includes billboards in London of a woman getting a massage, next to the words: "They say that in Tunisia some people receive heavy-handed treatment."

Source: BBC News

Do you think the ad campaign will be successful?

Do controversial ads work?

Can you think of any other controversial adverts?


a b________ - a very large advertisement at the side of a road

to l___ to a situation - to cause to arrive at a situation / l__ (past, past part)

to c___ __ ____ sth - to suggest or think of an idea or a plan

b___ (n) - a feeling of excitement / to get a b___ out of sth

to t_____ - to direct advertising at sb

to s____ - to spread quickly or to brush a floor / s____ (past, past part)

to r____ from sth to sth - to have an upper and lower limit in amount, number etc

to deny sth -

to woo -

heavy-handed (adj) -

an uprising -

to flee -

to address sb -

to be worth (money) / worthless (adj)

a trial -

to desert -

Grammar point:

"At least 200 people were killed during the Tunisian uprising."

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