EFile Pre Int Units 1 - 6 Revision

Correct the sentences that are wrong:
  1. She was born in the third of April.
  2. How much costs a ticket to Malaga?
  3. He likes go to the countryside at the weekends.
  4. Who did say "veni, vidi, vici"?
  5. We haven't to get up early tomorrow.
  6. I'd like seeing that film.
  7. I think they win the match. They are playing well at the moment.
  8. Where do you go for your holiday this summer?
  9. The weather is worse this week that last week.
  10. Did you write to your grandmother yet?
  11. She taked the bus to work yesterday.
  12. They bought the house ago two years.
  13. If you will come with us to the party, you will meet a lot of people.
  14. You shouldn't to talk to your father like that.
  15. I might don't go to work tomorrow.
  16. Madrid isn't as expensive as Paris and the people are friendlier.
  17. Have you ever forgot your wife's birthday?
  18. I going to look for a new flat after the summer holidays.
  19. She lived in London when she met her husband.
  20. I am thinking to go to the theatre this weekend.
  21. A washing machine is something where cleans your clothes.
  22. What is she wearing in this photo?
  23. What would you do if you get lost in a jungle?
  24. I spend an hour to drive to work every morning.
  25. Everyone laughed when he fell to the swimming pool.


Montse said…
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Graham said…
Hi Montse,

I usually make these kind of exercises on the difficult side. I think I expect too much of my students. But you seemed to have coped more than well.

1. She was born the third of April. (this is correct in US) In the UK we'd say: She was born ON the third of April.

8. Where are you going FOR YOUR HOLIDAY this summer?

20. I AM THINKING OF GOING to the theatre this weekend. (We never use "think + to" in English).

21. A washing machine is SOMETHING WHICH/THAT cleans your clothes.

24. It takes me an hour to drive to work every morning (This is correct). You can also use the verb "spend": I SPEND an hour DRIVING to work every morning.