Poll (1)

Who annoys you most?

A. People with prams (11%)

B. Couples holding hands (0%)

C. Cyclists (22%)

D. Dog owners (66%)

All of the above annoy me.

I can't stand people who push their prams as if they were armoured tanks and flatten all that is in their way.

I have nothing against people holding hands with their partner but please leave it for a romantic walk in the countryside. Many pavements in Madrid are very narrow and many couples seem to have their hands superglued to each other. And I won't walk in the gutter for anyone!

Bike manufacturers seem to be doing a roaring trade. Suddenly everyone is riding around the city centre. I applaud that but please, learn some manners. Red lights mean stop for you too and pedestrians have right of way when crossing a zebra crossing. If  the road is dangerous, cycle on the pavement but don't expect me to jump out of your way.

I wish I could have a dog but I am not really in favour of keeping dogs in the city centre. A dog needs lots of exercise in open spaces. Don't take your dog to a square and let it bark continually - I want some peace and quiet. Pick up your dogs poo and dispose of the bag in a container - don't just throw it to the ground.

Which phrasal verb has a different preposition?

A. I had to look ___ a lot of words. (22%)

B. I gave ___ smoking when I was 30. (0%)

C. She was brought ___ by her grandparents. (0%)

D. My car has broken ___ twice this year. (77%)

The answer is D. 

Have you ever broken down on the motorway? When you don't know the meaning of a word, do you always look it up? What habits have you given up? Do you think parents bring their children up nowadays?

Which adjective is the odd one out?

A. embarrassed (0%)

B. crowded (100%)

C. amazed (0%)

D. frightened (0%)

The answer is B.

-ed adjectives usually describe a feeling. "crowded" however, describes a place full of people.

Which sentence(s) is/are correct?

A. I have worked here since 2001. (87%)

B. She knows him for about 10 years. (0%)

C. They got married when they were very young. (87%)

D. She has lived in London from March. (12%)

A and C are correct.

A. Present Perfect + since + when the action started = action still continues

B. Never use the Present to describe an action which started in the past and still continues. Correct the sentence.

C. The action is completed and we specify the time.

D. We use the expression "from (March) to (October)" with the Past Tense. Correct the sentence to show the action continues.

Which -ed ending has a different sound?

A. smiled (12%)

B. laughed (75%)

C. opened (0%)

D. closed (12%)

The correct answer is B.

A C and D : /ld/ /nd/ /zd/ Similarly : called, happened and used.

B: /ft/ Similarly: coughed

See previous post (with links) on -ed pronunciation.