They start smoking young nowadays

Do you smoke? Would you like to give up? How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

Are you an ex-smoker? Was giving up easy? Are you ever tempted to have another cigarette? How do you stop yourself?

What are your opinions on smoking?

Does smoking bother you?

Do you think there should be a complete ban in all public places?

How can the young be discouraged from starting the habit?

What do you think of the idea of putting graphic images on packets to show the conseqences of smoking?

Smoking legislation in Spain has not reduced the number of smokers

The finding comes from the latest Eurobarometer research

There are now more smokers in Spain than when the 2006 anti-smoking legislation came into effect.

According to the Eurobarometer, 35% of Spaniards still smoke, going against the reduction seen in other parts of Europe, where the average number of smokers has fallen to 29%. It means that if the Government’s intention was to reduce the number of smokers with the current law, it has failed, although new tougher regulations banning smoking in all closed public spaces including all bars and restaurants is expected to come into force this summer.

1,000 people were questioned in each country last October to obtain the data, which also showed that 52% of the unemployed are smokers, but that only 17% of over 55’s smoke.

The latest survey also shows that 61% of Europeans don’t allow smoking in their homes, and that most people are in favour of the new images on cigarette packs.

Source: typicallyspanish


Hilde said…
It's incredible!!!! And it's very sad, His parents like their son smokes because he's popular for this, and he can be in TV or Internet. This child won't get old.
Carol said…
I´m a smoker and I have never thought in giving up. I like smoking so I don´t know if someday I will be able to give up. But I think that it´s horrible that a child start smoking, he´s so younger. his parents are crazy to allow that.
I think that the new law about smoking is exagerated. Now there are habilitation areas to smoke and is good and enough.
Graham said…
Hi Hilde!

I suppose you are right that it is sad but I did laugh when I saw the video at first.

His parents are poor and uneducated. They see it as a way of earning a little money.
Graham said…
Hi Carol!

I'm a non-smoker but smoking has never bothered me that much. I am always surrounded by smokers. On the other hand, I think that a complete ban on smoking in public places would be a good thing.

The ban works in other European countries, even in Italy. Why can't it work in Spain?

I have never THOUGHT ABOUT giving up. I like smoking so I don´t know if someday I will be able to give up. But I think that it´s horrible that a child STARTS/TAKES UP smoking, he´s SO/TOO YOUNG.
(but in this case it was his parents who made him smoke)

I think that the new law about smoking is OVER THE TOP. Now there are DESIGNATED areas to smoke AND THAT'S ENOUGH.