Underdogs upset Galacticos

Real Madrid are out of the King's Cup

The Galacticos score only one goal in the Bernabéu

Two weeks ago the Alcorcón from the Segunda B division had a four nil win at their home ground, and the Real Madrid guns were out for the return leg at the Bernabéu on Tuesday night, but with Pellegrini’s side needing five goals to remain in the competition they could score no more than one.

It was still goalless at half time, and the always critical home crowd started to call, with whistles and handkerchiefs, for the resignation of the Chilean manager.

The single goal from Van der Vaart in the second half, in the 80th minute, was little comfort for the fans.

The result takes sport onto the front pages of Spain this morning, and as Público puts it – ‘A fascinating failure’.

Real Madrid therefore knocked out of the King’s Cup before the last 16 for the second consecutive year.

Now the post mortem will start, and it has already emerged that Sergio Ramos was not called to play as the club mistakenly thought that he was under a sanction, when in fact he wasn’t.

And to make matters worse for the Real Madrid fans, arch rivals Barcelona went out and scored those five goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo remains out injured from the side. Yesterday he travelled to Portugal, called by his national side, but once there the Portuguese doctors confirmed the diagnosis and said he could not play. The player is now back in Madrid.

Source: typicallyspanish.com

Were you happy that the underdogs won?
Are you usually happy when the underog wins?

Vocabulary Practice:

Here are the definitions  of words and expressions from the above text. They are taken from the Cambridge Dictionary. Complete the example sentences with one of them in the correct form.
  1. a particular stage of a journey, competition or activity eg The last ______ of the race was Paris to London.
  2. noun. when someone or something does not succeed eg The meeting was a complete/total ______ .
  3. a square piece of cloth used for cleaning the nose or drying the eyes when they are wet with tears eg She took out her _____ and blew her nose loudly.
  4. hurt or physically harmed eg She was told to stay in bed to rest her _____ back. 
  5. nothing  eg The challengers lost the game seven-_____.
  6. either of two periods of time into which a game is divided. eg The first _____ was much more exciting than the second.
  7. to defeat a person or a team in a competition so that they can no longer take part in it eg The champion was unexpectedly _____ the tournament in the first round.
  8. used to say that something has made a bad or difficult situation xxxxx eg Three of our players were ill, and to _____, our main scorer had broken his ankle.