fun v funny

What's the difference between fun and funny?

If something is funny, it makes you laugh.
  • I never miss an episode of "Family Guy", I think it's really funny.
  • You should see a funny film if you are feeling sad.
  • I don't find his jokes funny.
  • My brother-in-law is so funny. (He tells jokes and says things which make me laugh)
  • The match last night was funny. WRONG
  • Madrid is a funny city. WRONG
In the above two examples we should use fun as sporting events and cities don't make us laugh.
Funny has another sense too. It can mean strange or unusual too.
  • What's that funny smell?
  • The milk tastes funny, doesn't it?
  • There is something funny about him. I wouldn't trust him.
If something is fun, it is entertaining or enjoyable. You like it. If someone is fun, they are good company.
  • Let's invite David to the party. He's good fun.
  • As well as learning lots of new things, our teacher's lessons are fun.
  • I had a lot of fun last weekend. Let's go out again soon.
Fun is an adjective and an uncountable noun.
  • I hope this Christmas is funner than the last one. WRONG
  • I hope this Christmas is more fun than the last one. RIGHT
  • That's the most fun I've had in ages. RIGHT
  • That's the funniest film I've seen in ages. RIGHT
  • My teacher is very fun. WRONG
  • My teacher is good/great/a lot of fun. RIGHT
  • My teacher is really/very funny. RIGHT

When did you last have a lot of fun?
When did you last have a break? Was it fun?
Is learning English fun?
What is the funniest film you have seen recently?
Do you know any funny jokes?