Soap operas

What do you watch on TV? In the UK, soap operas are very popular. Read and listen to a text about them here.

The text is taken from the BBC Learning English site. It contains many interesting stories which you can read and listen to. You should explore the site.

It even has its own soap opera called The Flatmates. It has been created to help English language learners and there is a weekly episode, which you can now watch on You Tube.

What kind of programmes are popular in Spain? Which ones do you usually watch? What programme would you never miss? What's it about and why do you enjoy it?


Roberto said…
I´ve been watching the english soap opera "Eastenders" on Youtube.I understand them(more or less),when they talk slowly,but I have problems when they talk fast,and with the accent.When the old man talks,I don´t understand a word!.
Graham said…
Hi Roberto,

Don't be so disappointed that you don't understand so much - they speak really badly (bad grammar and bad pronunciation).

I always advise students going to study English in the UK to avoid London. Not everyone speaks like in Eastenders but many people do. I can have difficulty catching what people say there.

I find Eastenders very depressing and full of bad actors.

You should have a go at Coronation Street - my favourite soap opera. It's set in the North of England. It's much funnier though again, it might not be so easy for you to understand.

Roberto said…
I know...I´ve been in London once,15 yeqars ago(for two weeks),attending an intensive course,and I noticed that.I tried with Coronation Street,and I understand the actors much better.I found it a bit boring,but can be good to practice the listening.
Graham said…
Hi Roberto,

CS is older than me - it's been around for more than 50 years.

I used to watch it as a youngster. I had to stop following it when I moved abroad, only being able to see it when I was at home on holiday.

In the last year or so, I found the latest episodes on You Tube. For some reason, this year You Tube has made it difficult for people to upload recent episodes. :-(

Some of the characters over the years have become part of British culture.

I understand how you might find it boring.

CS deals with some serious social issues but always with some humour thrown in.

I´ve been to London once, 15 years ago(for two weeks) / I was in London 15 years ago (for two weeks),...

I tried (watching) Coronation Street,and I understand the actors much better.I found it a bit boring but it can be good to practice the listening.