The Lion Hugger

In 2012 Valentin Gruener rescued a young lion cub and raised it himself at a wildlife park in Botswana. It was the start of an extraordinary relationship. Now an astonishing scene is repeated each time they meet - the young lion leaps on Gruener and holds him in an affectionate embrace.

"Since the lion arrived, which is three years now, I haven't really left the camp," says Gruener.


to rescue ( = to save) -

to raise ( = to bring up) -

astonishing ( = amazing) -

to leap ( = to jump) -

an embrace ( = a hug, v/n) -

to devote -

to rescue ( = to save) -

a holding pen -

to be fed up with -

to prey on stg -

cattle (n) -

a cub -

a cage -

tiny (adj) -

to feed -

to take care of sb/ stg -

feisty (adj) -

to deal with stg ( = to cope with) -

to rush -

to greet sb -

a paw -

to hang out (with sb) -

the bush -

such as -

to lie around -

to hunt -

up to -

rather than ( = instead of) -

to despatch -

to hand sb stg ( = to give) -

to roam -

to release -

to be likely (to happen) -

to end up (doing stg) -

the whole point of doing stg -

to put stg aside -

an enclosure -

as long as (stg happens) -



Anonymous said…
Hi Graham,
You should search on Youtube 'SavingAslan'. I'm sure you'd like it. It's increíble how Kevin Richardson is able to walking with lions
Graham said…
Hi Hilde,

How did you guess I'd like it? :-)

It's a tragedy that, due to human beings, lions and many other wonderful creatures are in danger of extinction.

... is able to walk with lions.