Good Manners Crossword

All the words in this crossword can be found in the reading "A World Guide to Good Manners".

You can click on the key symbol to get the answers.

If you do the crossword, write me a short comment. Did you get them all?


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham! It's Cristina. I've tried the crossword. I could have guess all words but one (bang opposite?). However I haven't paid attention to tenses and I've only found nine words. See you tomorrow.
Graham said…
Hi Cristina,

I'm glad you did this crossword otherwise it'd have been a waste of time creating it.

Not one of my students who did the reading has attempted it. :-(

So thank you! :-)

Anyway, "bang" means "exactly". You can say someone arrives bang on time.

I could guess all the words but one (bang opposite?). However I didn't pay attention to the tenses and I only found nine words.

Anonymous said…
Hi Graham, It's Marta

After I read ''A World Guide to Good Maners'', I tried to do this crossword. I couldn´t find all the words but I guess six.

I am so bad with this kind of exercise !!
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!. It's Asun. I've try to do this exercise but only I guess 4 words. This exercise help me to learn more vocabulary. Thanks!.
See you on Wednesday.

Graham said…
Asun and Marta,

I'm not great at crosswords either but they help exercise the old brain cells. lol