Ebola fears


Ebola is highly contagious … plus seven other myths about the virus

The Ebola outbreak is serious, but the nature of the epidemic is often misunderstood – and inappropriate measures suggested

The Ebola outbreak has been claiming lives in Africa for many months now, but following the first Ebola death from a case diagnosed outside the continent, coverage – and concern – in the west has stepped up yet another notch.

The outbreak is certainly a grave issue for west Africa, a public health priority, and has been exacerbated by a slow response from international bodies and rich nations. It has already claimed more than 3,800 lives, and could claim far more without an appropriate international response.

But it is also not the species-ending disaster some fear it could be. Below are eight Ebola myths, and an attempt to set out the real position.


an outbreak / to break out -

to claim lives -

coverage (n) -

concern (n) -

to step up a notch -

to set out a position -

sweat (n) -

lining (n) -

on average -

to spread ( a disease) -

to shake hands -

to lie with sb (exception, responsibility) -

death rate -

up to (90%) -

short-lived -

a strain (of a disease) -

thankfully (adv) -

top-tier -

to lead to stg -

a set of stg -

common ailments -

a flurry (of incidents) -

to screen (people) -

the overwhelming majority -

to trigger -

a scare -

small-scale -

to track sb/stg -

harm (n,v) -

to face (an emergency) -

social unrest -

to make up (1% of the economy) -

to be business as usual -

to be worth noting -

the latter -

to leave much to be desired -

to be concerned about stg -

astonishingly (adv) -

unlikely (adj) -


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham, It´s Rocío.
I´ve read this text.
I´ve found the vocabulary of the text a bit difficult.
Roberto said…
Hi! Graham...
I´ve read this artticle,and i´ve found it very interesting!.
In my opinion,the problem with this kind of diseases,up to now,is that only African People are died(black African People),and Countries like Spain turned to a blind eye...
But now,we are worried,because Ebola is in Europe,in Spain,and the danger (danger or risk?),is close!.
Very sad...
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham, thanks for share this text with us and also forgive to us your view.
The first cases of Ebola were detected in 1976 in 2 simultaneous outbreaks, one in Sudan, and the other in The Democratic Republic of Congo. After these, in 2014 notified in west Africa new cases, beginning the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak. But until we have had the first case in one of the 'developed countries', we haven’t paid attention to this problem. It’s a pity and it’s very sad, but this case sets an example of the real interests of the countries.
In this example, Ebola outbreak has demonstrated that without a secure and real treatment all of us are in the same situation. I hope this concern will be real now and will be useful to join countries in the works to find an effective treatment for Ebola within everyone’s reach.


Graham said…
Hi Rocio,

Don't worry about all the vocabulary. The words in bold are the more common or useful ones.

Beatriz said…
Hi there,
I've found the article really difficult. Anyway, I learned some vocabulary such as "outbreak".

Thank you for sharing.

Graham said…
Hi Roberto,

The other day when I was in the gym, I noticed a lot of people wiping the equipment more vigorously than normal. It was my imagination, wasn't it?? :D

I´ve read the article and I found it very interesting.
In my opinion, the problem with this kind of disease, up to now, is that only African people have died(black African People),and countries like Spain have turned a blind eye...

A danger is like a risk in this context.

By the way, have you started your new course yet?

Graham said…
Hi Loreto,

Welcome to the blog. I am sure you will find something of interest here and I hope it'll be useful as well.

Thanks for sharing this text with us and also for giving us your view.

After these, in 2014, some new cases were detected in West Africa, ... But until we 'd had the first case in one of the 'developed countries', we didn't pay attention to the problem. It’s a pity and it’s also very sad, but this case demonstrates what the real interests of countries are.

This outbreak of Ebola has demonstrated that without safe and effective treatment, all of us are in the same situation.

I hope this sudden concern is for real now and will make us join countries in the effort to find an effective treatment for Ebola within everyone’s reach.

I hope you feel better soon and be able to join us again.

Try to keep up-to-date with what we are doing in class.

Roberto said…
It reminds me of the bird flu...
The media are very sensationalist,and they spread fear and alarmism between people with all kind of apocaliptic messages.
Not yet... Now I´m trying to do English/Spanish exchange.
Graham said…
Hi Bea,

There was some tricky vocabulary. Make sure you understand the words in bold but be selective with the others.