Bad spelling - I'm not alone

Half of Britons can't spell common words

Forty per cent of Britons rely on autocorrect, survey reveals as occasionally, rhythm and conscience make it into the top words which stump writers

Embarrassment, occasionally and necessary have been listed among the words Britons have most difficulty spelling.
Researchers who studied 2,000 adults found that more than half had problems spelling commonly used words.
The list included accommodate, questionnaire and rhythm. Conscience also proved tricky, along with occurrence, restaurant and guarantee.


to rely on stg/sb -

a survey -

to stump -

a researcher -

research (UNC) -

to tend to do stg -

to struggle -

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I´m happy to know I´n not the only one!!
Graham said…
Hi Ángel,

I have noticed my spelling deteriorate over the years. I am embarrassed at how many spelling mistakes I can make in class.

Rodrigo said…
Hi Graham! It's Cristina and Rodrigo. Today we've read several news in The Local. Moreover we've read this post and done the quiz about spelling. We've got 88%. Some words were really difficult with so many doubled consonants.

See you tomorrow.
Graham said…
Hi Rodrina!

What do you think of your new name - in the style of Brangelina? LOL

I think without a choice, this test would be much more difficult.

Today we've read several articles / some news* in The Local. Moreover, we've read this post and done the quiz about spelling. We got 88. Some words were really difficult with so many double consonants.

*news is uncountable.

Laura D said…
Hi Graham I'm Lauria D I just read the article it's really satisfied know that many people (like me) spelling with mistakes jajajaja :p
Graham said…
Hi Laura,

It's Graham. RIGHT
I'm Graham. WRONG

As you have probably noticed, I am not the greatest speller. I have loads of doubts now. I used to be much, much better.

You can't make so many mistakes spelling in Spanish.

Ihave just read the article. It's really satisfying to know that many people (like me) make spelling mistakes.

By the way, what is :p ?