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Spain to reopen 'world's most dangerous walk'

Malaga authorities have begun work on restoring Andalusia's infamous Camino del Rey walkway, a nerve-wracking gorge pathway in disrepair that for the past 20 years only adrenaline junkies and experienced climbers have dared to use.

El Caminito del Rey, or the King’s Pathway is a well-known trail through the gorge of the Guadalhorce River near the Malaga town of El Chorro — fairly easy if you're fit and healthy, but next to impossible if you have any kind of fear of heights.


to restore -

infamous (adj) -

nerve-wracking (adj) -

a gorge -

in disrepair -

a junkie -

to dare to do stg -

a trail -

fairly -

next to impossible -

a helmet -

narrow -

to be ridden with -

to scramble -

a drop -

to dodge -

to lurk -

a feat -

a fine -

up to -

a trespasser -

no longer -

to undertake -

refurbished -

to attend -

a budget -

hairy (adj) -

so-called -

to do up -

to rust -

hands-on -

support (n) -

to lead to stg -

to surround -

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Anonymous said…
Hi Graham. How are you?
I've known the way Caminito del Rey. I don,t believe people are able to cruise it.
Graham said…
Hi Hilde,

Good to hear from you.

I hope you had a nice summer.

Where did you and Blanca disappear to?

Have you made up your minds what kind of English course to take this year?

Will I bump into you in the corridors of H?

I got back to Madrid a couple of weeks ago. I had a great summer which makes it all the more difficult to come back.

I've heard of the Caminito del Rey path. (I doubt you have walked it!)

I don't think people are allowed to walk it.

Rodrigo said…
Hi Graham, both Cristina and Rodrigo have done the crossword... We are trying to be good students ;-)

We have needed to read the words twice to find the answer.
Graham said…
Roddy / Cri,

I'll test you on these expressions later.

Did you do the "Give up meat" listening?

Did you listen to the mad Yank describe a country?

Did you reply to any of my tweets?

I suspect the answer is no to all of the above. :-)

But at least, you did a crossword. Well done!

See you in a bit.