Czech / Hungary Quiz

This summer I was in Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Complete the following questions with an appropriate word before answering them.

1. What are the ___ of Hungary and the Czech Republic?

A:     Forint  /  Euro
B:     Forint  /  Koruna
C:     Koruna  /  Ruble
D:     Euro  /  Dinar

2. What are the rivers that ___ through Budapest and Prague?

A:     Danube (B)  /  Danube (P)
B:     Danube (B)  /  Elbe (P)
C:     Rhine (B)  /  Danube (P)
D:     Danube (B) /  Vltava (P)

3. Which two countries share a ___ with both Hungary and the Czech Republic?

A:     Slovakia and Austria
B:     Croatia and Slovakia
C:     Slovenia and Croatia
D:     Slovenia and Austria

4.  In which years did the Soviets invade to put an ___ to an uprising / political reform?

A:     1966 (H)  /  1949 (CR)
B:     1961 (H)  /  1972 (CR)
C:     1956 (H)  /  1968 (CR)
D:     1970 (H)  /  1958 (CR)

5. What was the name ___ to the revolution that ended Soviet rule in the Czech Rep in 1989?

A:     the velvet revolution
B:     the flower revolution
C:     the rainbow revolution
D:     the sunshine revolution

6. Which English word does not have its ___ in one of the two countries?

A:     pistol (Czech)
B:     chess (Hungarian)
C:     robot ( Czech)
D:     coach (Hungarian)

7.  Which photo wasn't ___ in Budapest?




8.  Which of the following wasn't invented ___ a Hungarian or Czech?

A: Sugar cubes

B: Soft contact lenses

C: Ballpoint pen

D: Rubik's cube

E: PIN technology

9.  Which photo is the ___ one out?






Who are these famous Czechs and Hungarians?
  1. HH was a magician who was born in Hungary. He is particularly remembered for escaping from handcuffs, chains and straightjackets, even while submerged in water. 
  2. FLhad made his first appearance as a concert pianist by the age of nine. Among his works as a composer is the Hungarian Rhapsody. 
  3. ZZG was an actress who was Miss Hungary in 1936. She is best known for having nine husbands.
  4. GS is a Hungarian born billionaire who made his money in the financial markets. He became known as the "man who broke the Bank of England" after the currency crisis of 1992.
  5. MN won Wimbledon nine times. She became a US citizen when she was eighteen. She is engaged to an ex Miss Russia.
  6. FK was born into a German-speaking Jewish family in Prague. He wrote some highly regarded novels such as The Metamorphosis.
  7. IT was married to a billionaire businessman called Donald until she discovered that he was having an affair with an ex-beauty queen.
  8. MA was born in Prague but went on to become a politician. She was US Secretary of State when Bill Clinton was in office.