Spanish fruit and veg expressions

An unripe pineapple Source: Wikipedia

I'm still on my vegetarian diet. I'm getting used to it slowly and I'm not really missing meat.

I've been thinking about fruit and veg expressions that you have in Spanish.

Here are some that I have translated literally. They do not exist in English. Can you explain them to me? When would you use them?

- They are counted beans.

- to be fresher than a lettuce.

- to be a cabbage

- to give pumpkins

- to give a pineapple

- to care a cucumber


Montse said…
Hi, Graham. I’ve tried to do my best in this exercise but there are two expression I’ve never heard.
- They are counted beans: you say that when something is true and clear.

- to be fresher than a lettuce: you say that if you feel full of energy, completely awake above all if you’ve stayed up the whole night. But you can use it to mean “as cool as a cucumber”

- to be a cabbage. It might to be so affected.

- to give pumpkins. To give the brushoff

- to give a pineapple. I’ve never heard this expression

- to care a cucumber. I’ve never heard it.
Graham said…
OMG! I've forgotten what to be a cabbage means. Maybe I meant mushroom.

BTW What's the difference between col and repollo?

If you give someone a pineapple, means that you hit them.

and to care a cucumber, means you don't give a damn.

Laura Grande said…
"To care a cucumber" is that someone or something is not important for you. You don´t care it.
These expresions are really funny. The idioms, in general, are hilarious.
Graham said…
Hi Laura,

Have you also read the post about the fruit and veg idioms that we have in English?

You don't care about it. These expressions are really funny. Idioms, in general, are hilarious.

I've just spotted a mistake in my previous comment. Shhhhh - don't tell anyone :-)

If you give someone a pineapple, it means that you hit them.