FCE mock - U of E

Everyone complained that this was a particularly difficult test.

The results were mixed - some were good while others were disappointing.

As with every Use of English, collect the answers to each part while demonstrating evidence for them.

Part 1

1. some of these changes are caused by human activity ...

2. Snow and ice have a considerable impact on the environment ...

3. areas that experience harsh winters ... (harsh ≠ mild)   to bear ≈ to tolerate eg I can't bear the pain.

4. when the pipes freeze, they crack and split because of the expansion  of the ice inside. (split = break)     to  riptear  eg. ripped jeans, tear a piece of paper ... to  peel - to take the "skin" of fruit or veg eg. peel an orange / a potato ...

5. ...water runs into exposed cracks...    to slide ≈ to slip   eg The children slid along the icy path.     I slipped on a banana skin.    to dash - to move quickly eg I must dash. I'm late for work.

6. The pressure of the ice swells the cracks, breaking the rocks apart. to swell - to cause to increase in size    

7. breaking the rocks apart. As a result of this destructive action...   hurtful - to cause emotional pain.

8. high mountain peaks      tip ≈ end eg Gibraltar is at the soouthern tip of Spain

9. the surrounding soil   surrounding - everywhere around

10. the stone absorbs heat more quickly.   to suck - to have in your mouth without using your teeth  eg. to suck a sweet , to suck your thumb

11. Ice forming beneath the stone expands ...

12. stones that have been pushed to the surface   to stir ≈ to mix eg to stir the ingredients in a pan    to remove = to take away eg. Can you remove all the boxes from the room? I need some space.    to squash = to make flat  I accidentally sat on her hat and squashed it.

Part 2

13. Juggling involves throwing... and catching them without dropping a single one.

14. He was able to juggle as many as 8 balls at the same time. (as many as = up to)

15 - 17. What made him a genius was his perfect style, rather than the quantity of objects he could juggle.

18 - 19. He started using rubber balls instead of the cotton balls in use at the time.

20 - 21. ... the now commonly seen practice of throwing a ball into the air , and then catching it on a stick.

22. It was in Russia that he acquired his juggling skills.

23. It was not uncommon for him to practise...

24. The degree of control shown by Enrico ...

Part 3

25. original - originally

26. popular - popularity

27. choose - choice

28. colour - colourful (with lots of bright colours)

29. taste - tasty (food)

30. satisfy - (extremely) satisfying

31. tradition - traditional

32. rely - reliable

33. base - basic

34. forgettable - unforgettable

Part 4

35. People still eat greasy food even though it is unhealthy.        FACT

      People still eat greasy food despite the fact (that) | it is unhealthy.      see LINKERS

36. With more sunshine, the strawberries would have ripened sooner last year.    THERE

       The strawberries would have ripened sooner last year if | there had been more sunshine.
       see 3rd CONDITIONAL

37. They say that the new film is extremely exciting.     SAID

      The new film is said | to be extremely exciting.      see PASSIVE REPORTING VERBS

38. I've lived in this town for three months and I've only just started to feel at home here.    USED

      It's taken me three months to get used to | living in this town.   see GET USED TO ___ING

39. Patrick said he would not apologize to me and just walked away.     REFUSED

      Patrick refused to say sorry to me and just walked away.      see REPORTING VERBS

40. If I were you, I wouldn't wear trainers to your job interview.      OUGHT

      In my opinion, you ought not to go to your job interview wearing trainers.    


41. Rita found an umbrella in the boot of her car, but couldn't think who it belonged to.   WHOSE

      Rita found an umbrella in the boot of her car, but had no idea | whose it could be.

42. All the trees apart from that big apple tree were blown over in the storm.     ONLY

      That big apple tree was the only one | not to be blown over in the storm.