St Andrew's Day Scottish Quiz

Today is Saint Andrew's Day. St Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland.

So here is a quiz to test your knowledge of Scotland.

1. Which is the biggest city in Scotland?

A. Inverness
B. Aberdeen
C. Glasgow
D. Edinburgh

2. Scotland's population grew to its highest ever in mid 2011. How many people live in Scotland?

A. 2,550,690
B. 5,254,800
C. 10,320, 400
D. 18,000,150

3. Sean Connery is Scotland's most famous actor. Which of the following didn't he do before choosing acting as a career?

A. He polished coffins.
B. He was a milkman. (he delivered milk)
C. He taught English to immigrants.
D. He worked as a nude model for students.

4. What's the lowest recorded temperature in Scotland?

A. - 5.9 ºC
B. - 16.7 ºC
C. - 27.2 ºC
D. - 32 ºC

5. Which of the following wasn't created by a Scot?

A. Peter Pan
B. Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
C. Sherlock Holmes
D. Robinson Crusoe

6. What is the Scottish word for "yes"?

A. Wee
B. Dram
C. Aye
D. Hogmanay

6. The Gaelic for whisky is Uisge Beatha. What is its literal meaning?

A. Water of Life
B. Cheer me up
C. Strong spirit
D. Good health

7. Scotland has produced many important inventors like Alexander Graham Bell. Which of the following was not invented by a Scot?

A. penicillin
B. the television
C. the cash machine
D. radar

8. Football might have been first played in Scotland. Golf certainly has its origins in Scotland. How many golf courses are there in Scotland?

A. 100
B. 250
C. 400
D. 550

9. Which of the following is not true?

A. Tartan is the "design"  found on the kilt (Scotland's national dress)
B. Loch is the Scottish word for "lake".
C. Haggis, the Scottish national dish, consists of sheep's heart, liver and lungs.
D. The rose is the floral emblem of Scotland.

10. "Auld lang syne" is a poem that was written by Robert Burns in 1788. It is sung in many countries around the world when celebrating New Year. What does "Auld lang syne" mean?

A. It's been a long night
B. Days gone by
C. Let's go home
D. Another old year


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham

My answers are: (I don`t cheat but many answers I choose them by chance :-<)

1. d) Edinburgh
2. c) 10.320.400
3. d) as a nude model
4. c) - 27,2
5. d) Robison Crusoe
6. c) Aye
6. b) Cheer me up
7. a) Penicillin
8. d) 550
9. d) Rose
10. d) another old year

See you!
Graham said…
Hi Hilde!

You didn't too badly. I put a trick question in among them all.

I'll leave giving you the answers for now. Let's see if someone else has a go at the quiz too.

I didn't cheat. I chose many answers at random / I made educated guesses.

Montse said…
Graham, I’ve just learn a little more about your country… I hope most of my answers are right!
1.-C. Glasgow
2.-B. 5,254,800
3.-B. He was a milkman. (he delivered milk)
4.-C. - 27.2 ºC
5.-D. Robinson Crusoe
6.-C. Aye
7.-A. Water of Life
8.-D. radar
9.-D. 550
10.-D. The rose is the floral emblem of Scotland. ( It’s the thistle )
11.- B. Days gone by
Montse said…
Graham, I forgot to tell you that I really like “Auld Lang Syne”. It is a lovely song and very suitable for this days. I guess you will look forward to going back home after listening to it, won’t you? When are you flying?
Graham said…
Hilde / Montse,

Here are the answers (+ a little more info):

1. C Glasgow is by far Scotland's biggest city. It has a population of around 1,200,000.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland but in terms of population it is Scotland's second city. It's population doesn't reach 500,000.

Inverness is my hometown. It was made a city in 2000 (I think it was a mistake to do so) and since then, the population has grown by around 10,000. It now is nearing 60,000.

Aberdeen is Scotland's third biggest city with a population at 220,000.

2. B Scotland is a small (but big) country. It's population has grown to around 5,254,800.

The population of the community of Madrid is nearing 6,500,000.

3. C They say Sean Connery is the most famous, living Scot but I wonder if Nessie (The Loch Ness mosnter) is even more famous.

He did many jobs before going down the path of acting. Not on the list is teaching English to immigrants. Among many other things, he did pose nude for art students:

4. C OK, the weather isn't our best asset but it doesn't usually get that cold. The lowest recorded temperature is -27.2ºC. The lowest recorded temperature in Spain is -32ºC (Lerida 1956).

5. D Robinson Crusoe was created by an Englishman Daniel Defoe but the inspiration is thought to have come from the life of a Scot:

A Scot, James Barrie, created Peter Pan.

A Scot, Robert Louis Stevenson, created Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. His other famous works are Treasure Island and Kidnapped.

A Scot, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, created the world famous Sherlock Holmes.

My breakfast is getting cold. I'll continue this later...

Graham said…
Hilde / Montse,

Here are the final five:

6. A Uisge Beatha means Water of Life.

7. This was the trick question. Scots invented all four and many, many more things.

Penicillin was invented by Alexander Fleming.

The television was invented by John Logie Baird.

The cash machine was invented by John Shepherd-Barron.

Radar was invented by Rober Watson Watt.

8. D There are around 550 golf courses in Scotland.

In Scotland a golf course has 19 holes. The 19th "hole" is everyone's favourite - it's the pub where everyone goes after a round of golf.

9. They are all true apart from D. The thistle is the emblem of Scotland. (Montse, ask José if he remembers how the thistle came to be the emblem)

10. Auld Lang Syne literally means "Old Long Since" ie Days gone by.

The song always give me goosebumps.

Graham said…

I am really looking forward to going back home.

I'll be leaving on the 21st and staying until the 7th. It'll be the longest I've stayed there over the Xmas holidays.

Traditional Scottish music is great but it is usually a bad sign if I am listening to it. It brings on the tears and if I accompany it with whisky, I'm inconsolable LOL

luciti said…
These are my quiz aswers:

1.-C. Glasgow
2.-B. 5,254,800
3.-C. He taught English to immigrants.
4.-C. - 27.2 ºC
5.-D. Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel defoe was born in London
6.-C. Aye
6 bis. ???
7.-B. the television
8.-D. 550
9.-D. The rose is the floral emblem of Scotland.
10.- A.¿?

Graham said…

Aye means yes but do you know what wee, dram and hogmanay mean?

6 bis. The water of life

7. They were all invented by Scots.

10. Days gone by