Right or wrong? (Pre-int)

Which sentence is wrong - (a) or (b)? Correct the mistakes.

 1. (a) X: What's his name?            Y: David.
     (b) X: How old has he?             Y: 30

 2. (a) X: Where's he from?         Y: He's from Spain.
     (b) X: Are they german?          Y: No, they aren't.

 3. (a) How many children have you?
     (b) Do you have any brothers or sisters?

 4. (a) X: What's his job?           Y: His job is a police officer.
     (b) X: What's her job?          Y: She works in a bank.

 5. (a) My grandmother is eighty.
     (b) Our son is two years.

 6. (a) X: What do you do?              Y: I'm civil servant.
     (b) X: Where do you work?        Y: I work at the Ministry of Education.

 7. (a) What do you do in the free time?
     (b) What does he like doing in his free time?

 8. (a) I go for a walk on Sunday morning.
     (b) I practise football at the weekend. We won 2 - 0 last week.

 9. (a) X: How do you spell that?        Y: G - R - A - H - A - M
     (b) X: What means "shy"?             Y: "Shy" is the opposite of extrovert.

10. (a) I just take a coffee for breakfast.
      (b) He usually has a sandwich for lunch.

11. (a) She wants to learn English for get a better job.
      (b) He went to the shop to buy some milk.

12. (a) I really like sport.
      (b) She loves the football.

13. (a) X: Was Picasso born in Marbella?        Y: No, he was born in Malaga.
      (b) X: Where did you born?                        Y: I borned in New York.

14. (a) How many language do you speak?
      (b) She speaks French but she can't speak English very well.

15. (a) X: What is your teacher like?                     Y: He's really nice.
      (b) X: What is your brother look like?             Y: He's quite tall and he's got red hair.

16. (a) She has fair hair and big, green eyes.
      (b) He's got blue eyes and dark, short hair.

17. (a) X: What does Madrid like?         Y: It's really interesting.
      (b) X: Do you like London?             Y: Yes, but I prefer living in Edinburgh.

18. (a) How long do you live in Paris?
      (b) He's worked here for about 10 years.

19. (a) I've been living here since last July.
      (b) She's new. She works here for a month.

20. (a) It was a  funny film. I laughed a lot.
      (b) I love Madrid. It's funny.



Anonymous said…
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Graham said…
Hey Javier!

Congratulations on being the first one!

I will publish the answers when some more of your classmates attempt the exercise.

See you in a bit!
Rosa said…
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Graham said…
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Graham said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi Graham, I´m Rocío.

1. (b) How old is he? 30.
2.(b)Are they German? No, they aren´t
3.(a)How many children have you got?
4.(a)What´s his job? He is a police officer.
5.(b)Our son is two.
6.(a)What do you do? I'm a civil servant
7.(a)What do you do in your free time?
8.(b)I play fotball at the weekend.We won 2-0 last weekend.
9.What does mean 'shy'?
10.(a)I just have a coffe for breakfast.
11.(a)She wants to learn English to get a better job.
12.(b) She loves football
13.(b) Y: I was born in New York
14.(a) How many language can you speak?
15.(b)What do your brother look like?
16(b)He has blue eyes and short, dark hair.
17.(a)What is Madrid like?
18.(a) How long have you been in Paris?
(b)He has worked here for about 10 years.
19.(b)She's new.she is going to work here for a month.
20.(b) I love Madrid. It is fun.
Graham said…
Hi Rocío,

It's Graham.

Good to see you using the blog. Sorry for the delay in replying.

All fine except for:

9. (b) What does "shy" mean? Qu A S I

10. Coffee

14. (a) How many languages do/can you speak?

15. (b) What does your brother look like?

16. He's got / He has ...

18. (a) How long have you lived in Paris?
(b) He's worked / He has worked ...

19. She's new. She has been working here for a month. (started in past). She is going to work here for a month ( from now to future).

Well done!