Alive - miraculous story of survival

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'I had to eat piece of my friend to survive': Torment of 1972 Andes plane crash survivor still haunted by his ordeal 40 years later

  • He trekked 10 days through icy wilderness to get help

  • 'Through the eyes of our society it was a disgusting decision'

Forty years on from the plane crash that changed his life forever, Dr Roberto Canessa still vividly remembers having to eat the flesh of friends to survive.

He was one of 16 men who escaped death when their chartered aircraft smashed into the bleak Andes mountains between Chile and Argentina on October 13, 1972.

They were rescued 72 days later after Dr Canessa, then a 19-year-old medical student, and another survivor trekked for 10 days to get help.

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Of course, a film was made about the story. Read the plot (and reviews) of the film Alive.



Jose Romero said…
This new is very interesant, I knew that it had happened, but I wasn´t sure where. There is a chapter of "The Simpsons" which is based on it and Abe Simpson stars in it.
Graham said…
Hi José,

Stories of survival are intriguing. It's great to hear how people beat the odds and somehow are able to survive.

This news is very interesting. I knew that it had happened but I wasn´t sure where. There is an episode of "The Simpsons" which is based on it and Abe Simpson stars in it.