Summer Vocabulary

(to go) abroad - (irse / viajar) al extranjero

(to stay in) accomodation - (alojarse en) alojamiento

barefoot / in your barefeet - descalzo

bat and ball -

a bathing suit - un bañador

a beach bar - un chiringuito

a campsite - un camping

crowded (adj) - lleno de gente, abarrotado

(to go on) a cruise - (hacer) un crucero

a deck chair - una tumbona

(to go for) a dip - (darse) un baño, mojarse, darse un chapuzón

to dive (into the pool) - zambullirse (en la piscina), tirarse de cabeza

flip-flops - chanclas

golden (sand) - (arena) dorada

to pack (your case) - hacer la maleta

(to do) the packing - hacer las maletas

a pebbled beach / pebbles -

sand - arena

a seashell - una concha

scenery - paisaje

(in the) shade - (a la) sombra

(to go) sightseeing - hacer turismo

to splash / a splash - salpicar, chapotear / un chapiteo, un salpicadura

a suitcase - una maleta

to sunbathe - tomar el sol

sunburn - quemadura de sol

sunlounger - una tumbona

(to put on) sunscreen - (poner) la crema (de protección)

sunrise - la salida del sol, el amanacer

sunshine - la luz del sol

sunset - la puesta del sol

(to get / to have) a tan / suntan - (ponerse moreno / estar moreno) un bronceado

(to go for) a swim - (darse) un baño

to take photos (to make photos) - hacer una foto

a (beach) towel - una toalla (playera)

traffic jams - atascos

trunks - un bañador

a view - una vista

a wave - una ola

Can you think of anything else that could go on the list?


luciti said…

a pebbled beach / pebbles - playa de piedras

If I were on holidays I would take:

sunscreen – crema solar??
Sandcastle – castillo de arena ¿?
skin-diving/ scuba diving – bucear con botella
snorkeling - bucear con tubo
binoculars - prismáticos

Graham said…
Hi Lucía!

How's the tan coming along? Or have you stayed pale and interesting like me?

"Piedras" can be translated as stones or pebbles. The small, smooth ones that you find on the beach are pebbles.

Sandcastles are what you build on the beach using a bucket and spade.

I had to look up skin-diving. As far as I understand, it's the same as scuba-diving. Do you know what skinny dipping is?

Why would you take binoculars with you on holiday? Are you a birdwatcher as well?