Honesty makes headlines

Grandfather who watched £1,000 cash blow away after he tripped outside bank stunned as kind strangers return almost every penny

  • Onlookers - mainly teenagers and young people - began grabbing the notes and managed to collect all but £20

  • Grandfather says the kindness shows 'there is still some decency' in the world


to blow away -

a passer-by -

an onlooker -

to grab -

to trip -

to stop in your tracks -

to scramble -

to swirl -

to run off -

to head -

to hand back -

faith (n) -

in this day and age -

a labourer -

to withdraw cash -

to fall flat on your face -

grip (n) / to grip -

to clutch -

scores -

to drop -

a lad -

to chase -

a bloke -

a youngster -

a fistful -

crumpled (adj) -

lap (n) -

as far as I'm concerned -

to get stick -

Do you think the same thing would have happened here?

Do you think people are generally honest?