Royal accident

Spanish King Juan Carlos' grandson *shoots himself in foot

Felipe Juan Froilan, 13, was with his father, Jaime de Marichalar, when the accident happened on Monday afternoon at a family country house in the province of Soria in northern Spain.

He was wounded in his right foot after misfiring a small 36-calibre shotgun, the palace said, adding that he was taken to hospital in Soria city for treatment.

*to shoot yourself in the foot - OK Fraulein did it literally but this is an idiom in English which doesn't involve the use of a gun. You shoot yourself in the foot when you unintentionally say or do something which causes you trouble or harms your own interests.
  • She shot herself in the foot when she was overheard criticizing her colleagues. She won't get a promotion now. 
  • The government seems to have shot itself in the foot over the issue. It will be very difficult to regain the trust of the public now.


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lucia said…
Hi Graham!

I can't read the article about Spanish King Juan Carlos' grandson, I think that the link is broked. I remember than Spanish King Juan Carlos when he was a chid killed his brother with a small shotgun. The history is similar to that.

Anonymous said…
I haven´t reed the article ,but,now i need to do exercise about the blog
I am Belen Ordoñez

Sorry ,after I will reed the articule and after I will do
a comment
Graham said…
Hi Lucía!

If you click on "Source" at the end of the text, you'll be able to read the full article.

They made changes to the blog when I was away and so now I don't know how to hide the article in the main title as before.

I think that the link is broken. I remember that when King Juan Carlos was a child, he killed his brother with a small shotgun.

By the way, I still can't find Luciti Lacatalana. :-)
Graham said…
Hi Belen!

Nice to see you on the blog.

Be sure to read the full texts.

I haven´t read the article but now I need to do the exercise about the blog.

Sorry, I will read the article and then I will make a comment.