New anti-smoking law

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Shops Banned From Displaying Cigarettes

Tobacco has been banned from displays in shops as the latest anti-smoking law comes into effect in England.

The new rules mean all cigarettes and tobacco products will be kept hidden behind screens or under the counter in large shops and supermarkets.


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Do you think they should introduce an similar measure in Spain? Why / why not?


lucia said…
Hi, I read the article. I think that this rule can protect the children can be beneficial whereas, if a person want to buy tobacco, although he can't see it he will still buy it.

On the other hand, if there are findings which point to where displays have been banned smoking in the young has fallen by 10% I think that we wouldn't loss anything if the tobacco were hidden under the counter.

Graham said…

I also find it surprising that this measure has helped reduce the number of smokers in some countries.

I think that this rule can protect children and be beneficial whereas, if an adult wants to buy tobacco, ...

... I think that we wouldn't lose anything if the tobacco was hidden under the counter.
Anonymous said…
Was up Graham:

I have read your post and the new rules against the tobacco in United Kingdom. I agree with it. ¿Do you agree Lucía? I was a smoker but I think the banned of smoke is healthier to smokers and nonsmokers. I began to smoke because I saw my father. If you see the example of the other people is easier that you smoke. The English people think that if the young people see tobacco and other things about tobacco in the display of the shops or supermarkets it increases consume of tobacco.

There is a debate in the society about the permission or not to the drug. If you ban the drug will be better than you allow it? It´s an old discussion. Is the tobacco a drug? Another discussion. But seems that the tobacco is a drug or similar. Then, like this survey of United Kingdom shows would be better to ban advertisement and all things about drugs. Then it´s better don´t to legalize the drug. I think. I hope that the young people don´t begin to smoke and I expect the Government retire other symbols of tobacco. I will look forward nobody smokes in my English class while I wait to arrive Lucía.

See you soon. José.