King's austerity drive (lol)

King to tighten belt as cutbacks affect Royal Household budget

The Royal Household is embarking on its own austerity drive after the government included a two-percent cut in its allocation in the draft 2012 state budget.

King Juan Carlos and his entourage will receive 8.2 million euros from the state this year, 170,000 euros less than last year.


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lucia said…

I have been reading this article, is very interesting but I think this is a speech full of make-up.
the vocabulary is very interesting in economist articles.

lucia said…
ah! lol is similar to ridiculous...

I didn't now this abbreviation

Graham said…
Hi Lucía!

I'm not sure what you mean by "make-up". Do you mean: lipstick, mascara and nail polish?

And which speech are you referring to? As far as I know, the King didn't make a speech. His spokesman informed journalists about the "austerity drive" via a statement.

I have been reading this article; it is very interesting.
The vocabulary is very interesting articles related to the economy.

"An economist" is a job.
Graham said…
Ah LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud. You write it after a funny comment. So it's like jejeje or :D
lucia said…
thank you