Madrid's 'Female Body Inspectors' fool tourist drivers

Fake police have been stealing from foreign drivers in Spain

Nine arrests have been made in Madrid as a gang of fake police have been broken up. The gang is thought to have taken more than 18,000 € from foreign drivers in 76 crimes around the capital, pretending to be the police, and despite using very poor costumes for their scam.

One even had a T-shirt which read – FBI – Female Body Inspector, and another wore a tie with the Spanish flag.

The police think their fake counterparts were carrying out between three and six attacks every day.

The gang stopped drivers allegedly on controls of the movement of drugs or counterfeit money. The foreign victims are reported to have collaborated with the supposed agents, handing over money, watches, mobile phones and other items.

Six of the arrests were made in a property in the Madrid sierra, while the rest were in Arganda del Rey.


If this had happened to you in a foreign country, would you have been fooled?


Montse said…
Graham, when the Guardia Civil has ever stopped me I always got nervous so I don’t know if I would have been fooled, besides, in a foreign country. Someone told me that in Mexico City the police usually stops people in the road and asks them for money in order not to be fined.
Graham said…

It is difficult to know how to react to situations when you are a tourist in another country. There are many countries around the world where corruption in the police is rife. What you have heard about in Mexico, happened to me in Bosnia.

But I think I would have been suspicious if I had seen a "Female Body Insepctor" t-shirt.