Babydoll controversy hits States

It’s a decision every new mother must make- breast or bottle? Now six-year-olds are faced with the same choice.

Thanks to the world’s first breastfeeding babydoll! The doll teaches little girls how to breastfeed--and even requires periodic burps. First released in Spain a couple years ago, VH1’s Best Week Ever has a go... (Video Source: Breast Milk Baby)

Opens with doll sucking: “That is really (expletive) weird. I’m sorry.”
“Spain sees teen pregnancy and they say, ‘No, no, not young enough.”
“We’ll get the blowup doll and teach our son the other stuff...”

ABC’s Good Morning America covered all its bases with this story--first speaking with its kid panel of breast milk baby testers:

“So what’s your favorite part of the dolly?”

Then to the breast milk baby spokesman:

DENNIS LEWIS: “There have been people who’ve called us pedophiles, they’ve called us perverts, they’ve said we’re endangering the innocence of little girls...”

...and finally to an enraged viewer:

“Would you create a toy that simulated...labor pains that teaches a six year old how to handle the birthing process??””

A writer on the forum Debate and Relate argues- some experiences should be saved for adulthood.

“Why would a little girl need to learn how to breast-feed before she has breasts? Before she goes through puberty? This is another disgusting example of forcing adulthood on our children decades before they're ready to absorb it.”

But anchors for Phoenix’s KNXV’s say- the baby doll isn’t necessarily inappropriate- it’s just kind of weird.

“I don’t think it’s horrible by any stretch of the imagination, but it does make me a little uncomfortable. I just think it’s a bit...odd?”
“It is, it’s uncomfortable, because I think in our society, breastfeeding is somewhat of an uncomfortable topic maybe.”

Finally, a writer for Blog Her says--she’d let her daughter play with the doll.

“I am certainly not opposed to her imitating breastfeeding, if she is moved to do so, but you won't find me spending upward of $100 on doll designed specifically for that purpose.”

So...perfectly natural? Or not age appropriate?

What do you think of the controversy?

Would you give a six year old girl such a doll?


Montse said…
Hi, Graham. I don’t know why but I don’t like that doll. Sometimes we want to do things more complicated than they really are. When I was little I preferred the dolls which didn’t do anything however nowadays it seems that the simple things are the worst.

I hope tonight you sleep better than the last one. This morning you look quite tired.
Anonymous said…
I will not definitely buy such doll. The market is always trying to intefere in our lives and reducing important aspects of our lives to a price.
A. Merino
Graham said…
Hi Montse,

I'm finally getting round to replying to your comments. I have Internet again - hurray!

I find the doll kind of creepy too.

Sometimes we want to MAKE THINGS MORE COMPLICATED than they really are.
Graham said…

Does Mar like playing with dolls?

I can't think why a parent would give this doll to their daughter.

I WILL DEFINITELY NOT buy such doll. The market is always trying to intefere in our lives and reducing important aspects of our lives BUT AT A PRICE.