Hitler house - no April Fool!

*Not fuhrer sale

A HOUSE that looks like HITLER is creating a *nazi impression — in SWANSEA.

The lintel above the property's slim brown door echoes the toothbrush moustache of the evil dictator.

And the roof slopes at an angle like the fascist leader's greased down hair.

The house — divided into two flats — in Port Tennant, Swansea, South Wales, has become an internet hit after sharp-eyed Charli Dickenson spotted the resemblance and posted photos on her Twitter page.

Youth worker Charli, 22, said: "I walk past the house all the time - but I'd never noticed the Hitler likeness before.

"But then, at the weekend, I was in the car with my boyfriend and we were stuck in traffic - and I just said to him: 'That house looks like Hitler'.

"We both laughed about it. I took a picture and posted it on Twitter.

"It's very funny - everyone who has seen the picture says it looks like Hitler.

"It was picked up by Jimmy Carr on his Twitter. Now everyone is talking about it."

Comedian Carr posted the picture on his account on the social networking site, saying: "Morning. Here's a house that looks like Hitler."

The Hitler house was sent on by hundreds of his followers — and Charli quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

Today neighbour Donald Payne, 60, a plasterer, laughed as he said: "It does look a bit like the old Fuhrer, doesn't it?

"You'd never know from this side of the street, but from a bit of a distance, it could almost be him. How funny that I never even noticed before.

"I hope we don't get invaded by bus loads of tourists pulling up to take a photo. We're right on the side of a dual carriageway here and it will cause carnage.

"If it starts attracting the wrong sort of people, I might speak to the owner and see if he'll let me paint the front door another colour - or give the roof a centre parting instead."

The end-of-terrace house on the eastern side of Swansea has four bedrooms and a small terrace at the rear — but no bunker.

It is believed one of the flats is empty and the other is the home of retired club doorman Barney Easton, who is in his early 70s and who rents it from a private landlord.

Another local said: "The jokes have already started.

"Some people are saying the house is on Swansea's Eastern Front and the main road outside should now be re-named the Heil Street."

With a value of around £130,000 World War II history buffs might decide the house is *reich up their street.

But for the moment at least the unassuming semi is not fuhrer sale.

Source: The Sun

*Not for sale
*a nasty surprise
*right up your street


Montse said…
Graham, this is going to be my latest comment. I suppose you go on being without your computer and I don’t want you to have a lot of work because of me.
If the notice of the post isn’t an April Fools’ story that means some people are very bored. It seems me ridiculous that anybody wastes its time thinking about things like that.

See you tomorrow!
Graham said…

I don't agree. I think it is very important to balance all the tragic stories we have in the news with light-hearted ones.

Graham, this is going to be my LAST comment.
If the NEWS of the post isn’t an April Fools’ story, that means some people are very bored. It SEEMS RIDICULOUS that SOMEONE wastes THEIR time thinking about things like that.

I hope to sort out the problems with my computer sooner rather than later. In the meantime , keep on commenting.