Pre Int - File 1 Vocab

Complete the sentences with a suitable word.
  1. They like going a_____ on holiday. They went to Thailand last year and Argentina the year before that.
  2. She has a very u______ name. I don't know anyone else with that name.
  3. I l____ a lot with her - she is really funny.
  4. Her boyfriend is very s__ - he doesn't feel comfortable at parties.
  5. I don't g__ o_ with my sister-in -law. She isn't very friendly.
  6. He never eats f______ food - he only goes to Spanish restaurants.
  7. He is very l___. He takes the car to work but the office is only 10 minutes on foot.
  8. She has dark hair but her sister has f___ hair.
  9. You use your nose to s____ and your t_____ to taste things.
  10. My h____ says one thing but my head says another.
  11. I didn't have time to do the homework - I was very b___ this week.
  12. A: How was the f_____? B: Tiring. It takes 10 hours to Chicago.

Remember to use the English File webpage for extra practice.


Anonymous said…
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Graham said…
Hi Montse

I delayed publishing your answers to see if anyone else would do the exercise. Alas, no-one did.

All correct! :-)