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Barack Obama's streaker Juan Rodriguez sentenced

A streaker who ran in front of President Barack Obama to try and win a million dollar prize has been sentenced to two years probation.

Juan Rodriguez, 24, of New York City, was arrested in America on charges of indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and open lewdness after streaking at a rally in Philadelphia in October.

"Philadelphia has a history of streaking," Mr Rodriguez said, as he sat fully clothed in a sweater and jeans at the probation office of the Criminal Justice Center.

"I didn't pick Philadelphia out of the hat."

He said he thought the state "would be more lenient toward me and see it for what it was – a guy just chilling."

"You could see I had no weapons on me," he added.

Mr Rodriguez, an unemployed father of three, had hoped to claim a cash prize offered by billionaire Alki David.

Mr David said he would award $1 million (£630,000) to anyone who ran naked past Mr Obama with advertising slogans for his internet television channel written on their body.

Mr Rodriguez was not been awarded the full prize because he did not get within ten feet of the president, but Mr David gave him $100,000 as a token gesture.

Source: Daily Telegraph

“A streaker who darted through the crowd at an event for President Obama just might be the nation's newest millionaire.” (KFMB)

It’s a decades old tradition on college campuses -- streaking. But when a 24-year-old Staten Island resident blitzed an Obama rally in the buff -- it created quite a stir.

The president was rallying his base when Juan James Rodriguez ran by flashing his stimulus package. He got within ten feet of Mr. Obama before being carted off and charged with Indecent Exposure and Open Lewdness.

But why? For a one million dollar prize. RT spoke with the man behind the man -- billionaire shipping heir Alki David.

“We came up with this wonderful idea, which is to streak in front of the President. You have to have written across your chest, you have to shout-out battlecam 6 times, and you have to be within eyesight and earshot of the president, completely nude. Now, we’re not suggesting that you do this in some place where it’s illegal to be nude, so preferably a nudist colony or a country that supports nudity or indeed in a state that is light on its sentencing.”

A blogger for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says he isn’t surprised someone took David up on his offer.

“From David’s point of view, the stunt brought his website valuable advertising and, well, exposure. It also demonstrates once again that with enough money, you can convince people to do some pretty stupid things.”

As for the streaker - who is now out of jail - Rodriguez says he didn’t mean any harm. He just needs the money.

RODRIGUEZ: “I didn't do anything to hurt anybody. I didn't do anything to destroy property, you know. I didn't do anything that was actually really that bad at all.”

Some active users of the site question whether Rodriguez, who did not stream the event on the website, deserves the cash prize.

“He didn't stream it live, thus he shouldn't get paid, correct?... props to having the balls to do that, but if he gets paid for that, then that's b.s.”

But David told the Weekly Standard that once he sees the clip, the money is as good as Rodriguez’s.

"When I see the video and it's won't be a check that I send, it will be cash..."

The White House has not commented on the incident.

Source: (Video deleted)

Would you streak for money?

What would happen if someone streaked in front of the PM or the King? Would they be jailed?

This isn't the first time that a story from the US about nakedness has received world wide coverage. There was a story about a man who was naked in his own home and then a report on his punishment.


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham !!

I´m Félix.

I read this article and the article about the person who was jailed for being naked in his house. The first idea that I had is about the hypocritical and conservative american society. On one hand they are the main productor and consumer of Sex Industry, and on the other hand, they have very strict laws about privacy.

See you tomorrow.
Graham said…
Hi Felix!

IT'S Graham.

We use "it" to introduce yourself.

eg (knock at door)
A: Who is it?
B: It's me, Graham.

American society (nationalities, languages ... have capital letters)

(On one hand) .... but on the other hand....

the main PRODUCERS and CONSUMERS of THE Sex Industry

Streaking used to be very popular in the UK at sporting events, in front of royalty, anywhere there are TV cameras....

Has it ever been popular in Spain?

I noticed you didn't answer the question: would you streak for money? :-)

For a million dollars, I would.